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Doug Wells
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PostIcon Posted on: Sep. 16 2011,3:19 pm   Ignore posts   QUOTE

Fullerton Elks Lodge No. 1993
1400 Elks Way Lane
Fullerton, Ca 92836

For Immediate Release

Elks Special Child of the Month

(Fullerton, Ca) The Fullerton Elks treated the family of Kailey Dillon our Special Child of the month with a birthday dinner, complete with balloons and birthday cupcakes, and then presented Kailey with an Android Superpad so she could play her educational games and watch videos, and do her schoolwork.
Special Child Co-Chairman, Irene Imhof, presented her with the Special Child Pin, and a Plaque commemorating the evening.
Roses were presented to Sam Dixon, and anonymous donors gave a Gift Certificate to Bourbon Street Restaurant to the family.  Those same donors gave Nate’s parents, Anthony & Barbara Fonseca a Gift Certificate to Bourbon Street Restaurant.  Kailey had quite an entourage at her party, and with the Alley Cats singing group leading, the lodge members sang Happy Birthday to her on the floor of the lodge.  This was indeed a very special birthday for this very Special Child.

Kailey Dixon’s had her 13th birthday on Saturday, August 20th, although she wasn’t expected to ever reach this day.
At two weeks of age, Kailey’s parents, Sam & Todd Dixon, took her for her regular scheduled check up, and the doctors heard a heart murmur.  After X-rays & tests were done it was discovered that only one side of her heart developed, she had no spleen, and she had two right lungs, not a right and a left as one would normally have.
Kailey had several major surgeries to repair her heart, but it is still very weak.  There were complications during one of the surgeries that resulted in a brain injury, and epileptic seizures, which require medications to control.  Due to having no spleen, she must take antibiotics constantly.   She is often too tired to eat so the doctors put in a feeding tube, which also helps with the myriad of medications she is assigned.  In addition, she has a pacemaker, which keeps her heartbeat at a steady rate.

Kailey is lovely, shy, and is smiling most of the time.  She only complains when she is on the way to see the doctor.  She is a computer whiz and loves to play the educational games on the PBS website.  Her teachers have asked Todd & Sam how they were able to teach Kailey about the computer, but Kailey has picked this up all on her own with no help from her parents. She also loves coloring books and stickers and pop beads.  She functions at an age level of about 5 years, but her computer skills exceed that.
Kailey’s best friend is Nate Fonseca, a Special Child from a year ago.  Kailey is one month older than Nate.  As Kailey is so very shy, Nate escorted her into the room.
For Information call: (909) 464-1577, Nyada Cline, Co-Chairman, Fullerton Elks Special Child Wil Cruz Chairman Publicity and PR Fullerton Elks Lodge No. 1993
Res:  (714) 879-7075
Bus: (714) 600-5484

Have a great ! :good
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